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June 2013

Well family (: It's another week come and gone here in Rialt. And possibly even my last! I don't have hardly any time today.. unfortunately. But fortunately it's because I am super duper busy here in Rialto!! Transfers are tomorrow, so today's p-day is crazy. I'll give you the quick update though.. I RECEIVED MY FIRST TRIANING CALL!! I meet my new companion tomorrow morning, and we will be heading to my next area, starting a new adventure! I am kind of nervous about training already.. but mostly I'm just excited... and humbled knowing there is NO way I can do this without my Savior. It'll be a neat expereince, that's for sure. This last week.. we found 4 new investigators. All of them being SUPER awesome. Like.. really really. One of them even asked US what the soonest she could be baptised would be! And we met with her two days in a row, and when on the second day she told us that she had already called her boss and got Sunday off from here on out, starting this next week! This is a lady who just barely asked us if we could teach her, almost a year after her daughter has been baptised and she had been so closed and even talking badly about the gospel.. she decided it was time she listened. And when she did, she said "I was studying the Book of Mormon along side the Bible last night... I don't know why I was so against it before. It teaches the same thing! I am so sorry I didn't listen before, but I am so glad that I am hearing it now." And in the closing prayer she even gave the credit to the Lord for her eyes being opened after all this time of trying to refuse it. It is so cool to see someone change to complete pollar opposites! I have learned so much from this ward, this companion, and the people I meet on a daily basis in this area. It's a true blessing to serve. And it's a true blessing to be able to reflect back on the many miracles I have been able to witness within the first 12 weeks of the mission. It is such a blessing to be able to see such miracles on such a daily basis as a missionary (: Also.. didn't that missionary leadership conference just get you SO pumped yesterday? It's an exciting time, for sure (: Anyways.. I know this is the true, full, everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth in these last days! And I am so grateful for that to be confirmed to me so frequently as I bear testimony and feel the Holy Ghost confirm it to me once again (: I love you all and hope you've had a fantastic week!! And hopefully I'll be able to manage my time better next week (: Have a great week, and smile a LOT, because THE CHURCH IS STILL TRUE!!
xoxo~ Sister Madisen Busenbark (:


Hi family and friends (:
This last week was so eventful! I hope I have enough time to write everything that I want to (: I feel like I've jipped you the past couple weeks. And for that I appologize (: But THIS week.. some cool things happened (: We went to a member's for dinner, and we were going to stay after to teach her daughter a lesson (she is 7 and preparing to be baptised) but she ended up being at softball. But then her mom jokingly said, "you can stay and teach me the lesson!" it was on the plan of salvation. We really did take her up on that though (: And it ended up being really really great. We prepared it for a 7 year old and taught it to a 20something year old.. and the spirit was so strong. Before the lesson even came to an end.. I was convinced that it was her who the lesson was for (: We went to a lesson with Marlo (the amazing one who knows the Book of Mormon better than anyone I know!) and he is going through a seperation. He wasn't doing so good when we got there.. but we said a kneeling prayer with him and the Spirit came immediately. It was such a neat experience. I can't even describe it. But you must know.. it was his first kneeling prayer. Nobody ever thought to ask him to say a kneeling prayer, and at church we don't kneel, so he had no idea that we even did that. This surprised me because he has been through a lot of missionaries. But it didn't surprise me at the same time because we knelt in dirt and rocks.. buut.. that made it all the better, I think. Because we were all so willing to kneel uncomfortly physically, to pray for Marlo spiritually. It was amazing. There's something so powerful about a kneeling prayer. And he was really really happy afterwards (: It was SO cool to be a part of. Then the next day he took us to this steak house and had us wear ties like the elders (it's his tradition to take his missionaries to this place) and it was SO good! And guess what? There are NO TIES ALLOWED! So they cut them off, make you sing Home on the Range, and then they take your tie and post it to the wall with your name and where you're from! It was so fun. And you could tell it really made him happy to be able to serve us like that too (:  We had dinner at a members house and she had her family who are all non-members join us. Which was super awesome.  Her son, who isn't even sure if he believes in God, even came to stake conference with her! Which was in and of itself a miracle! She herself has only been one other time since I have been here. So it was a Very happy day for us! We visit her every week. And learn so much from her! She's awesome. So it is so good to see her make decisions bringing her closer to Christ, and to re-commit herself to living her baptismal covenants and bring her family along with her (: Afterall, families are Centeral to the plan! We were able to invite her son to church, and her mother-in-law and granddaughter to read the Book of Mormon, and they all said yes! It's such a happy thing to see people's lives change and be  blessed through the gospel of Jesus Christ (: We did service for a different member too and worked in his shop. It was so fun! I fixed up an old tool box. It looks goood (; haha (: And it definitely helped build our relationship with him and I know that he could feel of the Savior's love for him! Which is a great thing to be able to be a part of (: Another cool thing.. I have read with my companion Preach My Gospel cover to cover once and the whitehandbook two and a half times! And we reached our goal of 70 contacts (actually got more than that!) for the first time, and it didn't even take too much of our time each day! It is amazing to be able to bear testimony 70 + times throughout the week (: I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I am learning lots, from the people I work with as well as from my experiences, and I wouldn't have it any other way (: Sister Mullin (our 2 week missionary) leaves tomorrow. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks! And I find out on Tuesday at transfers where I'll be having my next adventure! Unfortunately I am out of time.. again... but there's a little update for you and know that I KNOW this church is true! This morning I got to go to the temple in Redlands and it was one of the most amazing temple experiences I have ever had. The Temple IS A HOUSE OF GOD a place of LOVE and BEAUTY!! I commit right now to always have a current temple recommend and I challenge all of you to do the same (: Even if you are only old enough to get a limited use and even if you aren't close enough to go all the time. It was BLESS YOUR LIFE!! Living the Gospel brings forth blessings. Temporally and spiritualy. I can promise you that. I have reflected a lot lately on the day I got sealed to my parents.. when I was just a baby. Don't remember it.. but I treasure it. And I simply cannot wait to again stand in that Celestial room in the temple with my whole family someday (: And, the ultimate goal of no empty chairs after this life (: I am SO grateful for temples and forever families! The temple was amazing this morning, I can tell you that much. I have missed it a lot, and am so blessed to have been able to go. And to leave, empowered from on high (: I love you all very much and hope you're all doing as well as I am (; Have a great week!

Love times a bajillion, your Sister Madisen E. Busenbark (:

p.s. last week when we picked up our 2 week missionary... guess who I saw? CORY FROM EFY!! He was in my company the week I was in Salt Lake. He is so great, so it was so great to see him (: As a 2 week MISSIONARY!!


Hi family (:
Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of time this week.. but it has been a very enjoyable past week, once again! Let me give you a quick update.. On Wednesday we went to the mission office for President interviews. I love president and his wife! They are so incredibly.. incredible. In this interview, we went through together and counted all the missionaries who will be coming out this next transfer, and then counted all the missionaries who will be available to train next transfer. The numbers lined up perfectly! Yikes! I don't even know what I'll do if I get asked to trian in a couple weeks.. turn to the Lord for help, I suppose. Not much else I Can do! haha. I think he was just showing me to freak me out.. well, more like.. to motivate me to kick my butt into gear so that I'll actually be prepared. I'm already humbled even knowing it is a possibility. I've really got a lot of work to do this next couple weeks. We talked about how great the Savior is.. and how He is always there.. which was Perfect (: I just don't know what I'd do without Him. Or without such a great Mission President! He truly is a man called of God (:
On Thursday morning we went back to the mission office, TO PICK UP ANOTHER MISSIONARY!! : D Her name is Sister Mullin, and she will be joining Sister Davis and I for 2 weeks! They have this cool program in the San B mission where they have 2 week missionaries come out and spend 2 weeks with missionaries to have the amazing experience of servining and helping them prepare/decide to serve a fulltime mission! She is GREAT! She is not afraid to open her mouth. Even when the people are half way out the door. In fact, she'll feel bad if she misses someone. I love it! I am learning a lot from her.
On Friday.. WE WENT TO A BASEBALL GAME!!  What whaaat? Yes, you heard that right. A baseball game! 66ers Mormon night (: We went with Delores and Kevin (her grandson) and it was SO fun! The 66er's lost, unfortunately, but it was a good game and even better company! I loved being a part of it (:
On Saturday.. we had a teaching appointment with Delores and it WAS AWESOME!! Seriously, couldn't have been better. Definitely went better than any other lesson with her so far (: We taught her the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was So incredibly strong. I can tell she really does want to know for herself if it is true. She sees the importance of our message. And knows it would be HUGE if it were true. She is kind of nervous to pray because she knows she'll get her answer. And she knows when it's confirmed it's true that she'll be held accountable for the knowledge and have to act. And she knows she would want her family to be a part of it to. But is nervous they would react badly.. they are already telling her lost of misinformed stuff about the church. Luckily she always comes straight to the source to clarify.. many people don't do that. Unfornutately. But anyways.. she's doing really good. And it was a great lesson. She said the closing prayer and it was very powerful. I know that as she continues to move forward in faith.. she'll continue to find full happiness and her family will be blessed. Whether they choose to accept the message or not. I'm really excited to continue to work with her (: She's wonderful. I just love how her story is all playing out! From beginning till now.. loove it!
Anyways.. I gotta run to our dinner appointment with the Bishop and his family now! But I LOVE YOU ALL!! Know that I'm doing great, hope y'all are too, and let me thank you again for the continuous prayers (:
xoxo - Sister Madisen E. Busenbark (:
p.s. read about David and Goliath this week.. next week I have a story (:


I have officially been in California for 2 months! Can you believe it?!!
CURRY GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! It was the most amazing day (: I can't even tell you. Seriously, no words can describe the joy I felt that day. I can't even imagine how he must have felt! (He will be confirmed this Sunday. He had high school graduation this Sunday. What a fantastic weekend for him!)    (picture attached)
It really was a great week. Stayed super busy and saw results.
I have to tell you this awesome story.. it has to do with mom and how connected we are (: hehe (probably being led by the spirit, really) So a week ago on Friday, I was sitting at a member's house eating dinner outside. And I heard the icecream man. (there are about a million different ice cream trucks around here) and the tune it was playing was "You are my Sunshine" And I smiled real big and said, "This reminds me of my mom. I can picture her singing it to me now." And then.. a few days later I received a letting in the mail from my mom, dated that same Friday, and guess what it said at the end? "You are my Sunshine! You make me happy, when skies are grey!" WHAT WHAAT!! You have no idea how big of a smile this put on my face (: Crazy, right? Mom, seriously, you're so great (:
And then dad, he sent me a letter talking about a few different sections in the Doctrine and Covenants, as well as bore testimony of Priesthood blessings. It brought the spirit instantly. And it meant a lot because both Sister Davis and I hadn't had the best week physically. And then.. right after I read it, my district leader called us up. And he offered us a blessing. We both accepted. How could we not after such a powerful testimony like dads? Anyways.. it was perfect timing that it came. And the blessing that Elder Crookston and Elder Francis administered was one of the most meaningful blessings I have every received. (ONE OF...;) It was absolutely perfect. I am so glad I finally allowed them to exercise their priesthood. I don't know what took me so long. I may still have a headache.. but I surely am comforted! I know I CAN DO HARD THINGS through the Lord's strength (: And priesthood blessings.. really are a Great source of strength. One thing I am reminded of every single time I receive a blessing... my Heavenly Father is very mindful of me (: And so is my earthly father.. thanks dad for encouraging me to accept a blessing.
Here's another miracle Sister Davis and I received this week.. We were spending our time following up with people we had contacted on the streets. We went to a house just a couple blocks away from a couple of investigators, where a young man lives with his father and uncle and cousin. He told us to come back the next day after talking to him when his family would be home. So that's what we were doing. And then.. we got there, and we had just missed his dad again. So we only talked to him and his cousin for a couple minutes. Then, as we were leaving, we got a call from our investigator who lives just down the road! And she was asking us to pray for her aunt who is in the hospital. She was having a hard time and wanted to hear us pray for her aunt to comfort her. She was expecting us to do it over the phone, but since we were right there we were able to just go straight to her house to pray with her and talk to her for a few minutes in person! It feels so good knowing that we were where the Lord wanted us in that very moment. The Spirit can lead in more than just words. We can be lead in absolutely anything!
On Friday we went to a members home to teach them.. but really we were taught! The previous time we were there teaching them we left a challenge.. to look up and learn something, and then share when we come back next! And well.. she sure did! The daughter, Alex (about 11 years old) even made a board game out of it! It was a great lesson and way fun way to learn. It made me so happy to see this little girl get so excited about sharing the gospel! IT REALLY DOES BRING THE MOST JOY!! I love it (:
I love love LOVE missionary work. There are so many things I learn on a daily basis. And as hard of work as it really is.. it is the most fun slash enjoyable time I have had EVER!! The labor is great.. and the fruits are greater!! It's a true blessing to be able to wake up each morning at 6:30, talk with my Father in Heaven, and then put on the name tag with His Son's name right by mine (:
Miracles are real. They still happen. EVERY DAY. If you ever doubt that.. talk to a missionary. We see them every day (: God's hand is in all things!
And for that I am so very grateful. I am oh so very grateful for such an amazing family (and friends) to support me throughout this rollercoaster of an experience.. I can feel of our Heavenly Father's love for me through you (: Thank you. I can feel of your prayers. And know I am praying for each of you as well. Prayer is such a blessing. It gets me through each day. Service is more than just surviving.. it's the actual GREATEST and so are all of you (:
This church is SO true!
And I love all of you (:
Look for miracles, they are all around!!
Have a GREAT week,
Sister Madisen Elise Busenbark

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